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Trio Musicorum Medicorum


Andrew Bonner, Piano; Rebecca Reese, Violoncello; Alistair Leon Kok, Violin

Trio Musicorum Medicorum

About Us

Trio Musicorum Medicorum (TM2) is a Portland, Oregon-based piano trio including Andrew Bonner (pianist), Rebecca Reese (cellist), and Alistair Leon Kok (violinist).  Each member is a conservatory-trained classical musician that has worked or is currently working as a professional musician and as a professional healthcare provider.  The group was formed in September of 2015, and made its debut performance in March of 2016 at The Old Church Concert Hall in downtown Portland.  Each member finds that whether their weekly rehearsal is focused on a performance or just reading through challenging classical repertoire, joyfully sharing their music with others allows them great freedom of expression and artistry.

Meet the Trio Members

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